St. Louis Liposuction Center Financing Options

Financing Your Cosmetic Procedures

Due to the elective nature of cosmetic procedures, insurance companies typically don’t provide coverage for patients to undergo these treatments and surgeries. Insurance only covers certain procedures, such as varicose vein treatments, or liposuction to treat lipedema; since these are medical conditions that can cause harm, they can be covered by insurance. If you are interested in cosmetic procedures, but can’t afford a direct payment, St. Louis Liposuction center offers multiple ways for financing liposuction that can help you achieve the body results you want without worrying about the cost.

Financing Options at St. Louis Liposuction Center

The St. Louis Liposuction Center offers three financing options to patients:

Each of these financing options has different applications and benefits. We offer each of these options to patients, allowing them to choose a financing package that suits them best.

CareCredit - one of the leading companies willing to finance liposuction procedures.

CareCredit acts like a reusable healthcare credit card. Patients choose a financing option and “pay” up front with the credit card. CareCredit offers promotional period plans, based on the principal amount. There are low monthly payments over the promotional period, and if you pay off the entire amount by the end of the period, no interest is accrued. For larger purchases, CareCredit offers an equal monthly payments option over a longer time period. There are no fees associated with CareCredit. Apply Now

United Medical Credit - one of the many options you have when looking to finance liposuction.

Offering loans of up to $25,000 for cosmetic surgeries, United Medical Credit works with multiple lenders, allowing them to offer many financing packages. They offer affordable monthly payments, competitive interest rates, multiple loan plans, no prepayment penalties, and interest-free options for select, credit-approved patients.

Get The Treatments You Want

At St. Louis Liposuction Center, we want to help you achieve the look of your dreams. Don’t let financial worries get in the way; call us today and learn more about how we can help you finance your cosmetic procedures and turn your dreams into affordable reality!