It’s not uncommon for both men and women to notice skin becoming less elastic and perhaps less toned over time. The natural decrease in levels of collagen and elastin in the body correspond to the aging process and can also be linked to genetic factors as well as external influences including exposure to UV rays. Over time, the combination of these factors can result in sagging skin that develops fine line and wrinkles. While these changes can occur all over the body, they tend to be most noticeable on the face and are often the reason patients seek cosmetic treatment. Treating fine lines and wrinkles has long been a primary goal of cosmetic physicians and new advancements in the field of cosmetic technology make it more time efficient and safer than ever to reverse the effects of fine lines and wrinkles in an effort to smooth and tighten skin.

Patients looking for a quick, safe and effective route to tightening skin may find the answer they’ve been looking for in Renuvion. This newly developed procedure has seen an influx in popularity amongst patients who value safety above all else. As a minimally invasive procedure, Renuvion skin tightening treatment uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and helium gas to deliver amazing results across the board.

Understanding Renuvion

Innovative and effective, Renuvion is the perfect balance of radiofrequency energy and helium gas. Together, these two create a plasma layer that allows cosmetic physicians to precisely and successfully tighten the skin in a targeted area of the body. The plasma works to shrink, tighten and firm while creating a cooling effect simultaneously. Similar to more traditional skin tightening procedures, Renuvion is effective in multiple areas of the body and is known for delivering successful results.

Administering Renuvion

Cosmetic surgeons and delegated advanced trained nurses can safely and effectively administer Renuvion right in the comfort of a physician’s office. As an out-patient procedure, Renuvion skin tightening treatments come with the added benefit of not requiring general anesthesia, a long hospital stay or a lengthy recovery period. For many patients, this provides the peace of mind necessary to help them take the necessary first steps towards change. On average, a Renuvion treatment session takes 60 minutes. Treatment begins with the application of local anesthesia to numb the areas to be treated. Once the area is numb, small incisions are made and Renuvion can be injected precisely to fight the effects of fine lines and wrinkles and ultimately smooth and tighten skin.

Recovery Time

Similar to many other forms of radiofrequency energy-based skin tightening procedures, recovery time is considered minimal to non-existent when it comes to Renuvion. In the majority of cases, patients who undergo treatments can return to work and their daily routine the very same day. At most, patients may want to cut back on intense workouts for two to five days following the procedure to ensure long-lasting and successful results. Some patients report slight swelling and redness at the area of injections that can be treated with over the counter pain medication as needed. While some noticeable improvement will be seen immediately after treatment, the majority of patients see vast improvements in the treatment area in the six to 12 months following treatment.


The cost of Renuvion varies from patient to patient and is highly dependent on the size and severity of the area being treated. The team at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center is happy to help walk you through the many financial and payment plan options available directly through our clinic.

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