Revision Liposuction

Revision for Botched Liposuction

Patients elect to undergo liposuction treatments for a variety of reasons. For some, liposuction is a safe and efficient answer to stubborn fat cells in the body that won’t disappear despite diet and exercise. For others, liposuction proves helpful when it comes to contouring difficult to reach areas of the body. Other patients find that liposuction can help ease the effects of underlying health issues such as Lipedema. Whatever the reasons may be, the popularity of liposuction has grown over the last several decades, making it more important than ever for patients to know and trust their cosmetic physician.

While licensed surgeons have the training and experience to make a liposuction session smooth, safe and effective, there are unfortunately a number of instances where patients have valued cost above expertise only to find themselves the victims of botched liposuction treatment. Turning to an inexperienced or unlicensed physician can lead to a situation where a patient not only suffers from the physical results of a botched procedure but the emotional toll it takes as well. Beyond these factors, patients then find themselves in need of seeking revision liposuction to reverse or diminish the effects of the initial procedure.

“I had a really bad liposuction in Costa Rica back in 2015 ! They deformed my legs so bad that I was devastated!!! I was referred to Dr. Thomas Wright for liposuction revision to fix all the deformation that the people from Costa Rica did and he was able to fix it!!! They look amazing!!! It was a really strong process of 2 treatments! But he saved my legs!!!” – G.B.


Experience Expert Care

Dr. Wright and his team of caring professionals at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center work across the spectrum of cosmetic services but are particularly passionate about helping those patients who are seeking botched liposuction treatments. Above all, it’s important for both patients and cosmetic physicians to take a comprehensive approach to cosmetic treatment. Every procedure comes with a physical change and emotional impact. Both are important and vital to understand before moving forward with a treatment plan. We take the necessary time and evaluation required to make sure a patient who has experienced a traumatic liposuction experience in the past doesn’t ever have to experience it again.

Understanding Botched Liposuction

Signs of a botched procedure that wasn’t performed correctly can present in a variety of different ways. Physicians who approach certain areas of the body too aggressively during treatment may leave patients with unsightly contours or indentations. This is often most noticeable across the legs, arms, and abdomen. Physicians that aren’t trained to adjust their approach to body type also run the risk of damaging blood vessels and delicate tissues that surround the treatment area. Small to large bumps, lumps, and irregularities under the skin are also the result of treatment that hasn’t been performed efficiently or successfully. Thus, it is wise to consider revision liposuction to the abdomen, arms, or other affected areas.

Electing Revision Liposuction Treatment

It’s important for patients who have experienced a botched procedure to understand that the process of a revision liposuction treatment comes with an extended timeframe. While the results are worth the effort, correcting mistakes previous physicians have made takes dedicated time and concentration. It’s important that patients feel comfortable with their new physician and are willing to take the necessary time to undergo thorough evaluations to both understand the type of liposuction correction that is required as well as how many treatments that will take to achieve. Specialized instruments, detailed revision liposuction treatment mapping, and health considerations are all at the top of the list for patients who come to the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center for revision liposuction procedures. Our full-service specialty clinic is proud to offer patients a variety of options when it comes to revision liposuction including Liposhifting, Laser Liposuction and fat transfers that both smooth and contour problematic areas.

Care You Can Trust

At the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we understand that if you’re a patient seeking liposuction revision, you’ve previously had a negative experience with a cosmetic alteration. For many, this comes with an understandable skepticism around the possibility of revision as well as a loss of trust in cosmetic physicians. Because physical change is often linked to emotional well-being, it’s not uncommon for patients of botched liposuction procedures to suffer from varying levels of depression as well. At our clinic, we strive to help patients understand that these feeling are natural but more importantly, possible to overcome.

Schedule a Consultation Today

The first step on the journey towards revision liposuction is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Wright. A consultation with a revision liposuction specialist is an important moment for patients to get to know their new physician and to voice questions, concerns, and preferences before a treatment plan is ever put into place, as well as liposuction revision cost. With safety, comfort and successful results always the primary goal, our team makes sure that every patient feels taken care of at our clinic.