St. Louis Breast Augmentation Procedures Vs. Breast Implants

For many women, breast size plays a large role in how confident they feel about their body. It’s not uncommon to wish for a bit more fullness or a perkier bust, and the solution that numerous women have turned to year after year is to seek the help of an experienced surgeon for a breast enhancement. If you’ve decided that this cosmetic procedure is right for you, our natural breast augmentation procedures in St. Louis can help you get the results you desire.

However, before you move forward, you must determine whether you want to go with a natural breast augmentation or implants. Having this choice allows you to figure out which technique will achieve the results you long for while keeping you the most safe.

Natural Breast Augmentation At St. Louis’s Laser Liposuction Center

Our St. Louis breast augmentation procedures are natural, and involve transferring fat from somewhere else on your body. Harvested fat is removed by liposuction and may come from your buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. It is then purified before being injected into your breasts. Using fat from your own body is a safer approach that is designed to give your chest a more natural appearance than implants can. This tends to be a popular choice for women who are only looking to go up in size a little bit.

Getting Breast Implants in St. Louis

If you opt to receive breast implants from another St. Louis lipo center this will require a more involved surgical procedure than a natural breast augmentation. You will decide between silicone and saline implants, as well as their placement above or below the muscle. Implants will give you the ability to size up significantly and alter your original shape how you want.

Why Natural Breast Augmentation is the Better Option

Though it can be limiting in size, breast augmentation is generally viewed as the better option because of its safety and permanency. There will be no need to have another procedure done in the future. Implants pose the risk of erupting and leaking unnatural substances into the body, and additionally leaves scarring from the incision. Fat transfer can be especially appealing for women who like the added benefit of removing fat from problem areas before it’s used in the augmentation.

Though both of these breast enhancement procedures will have the same desired effect in giving you the bigger, fuller breasts you want, our St. Louis breast augmentation procedures have specific benefits that you can’t receive with implants. The skill of Dr. Thomas Wright offers you the opportunity to make adjustments to the shape and size of your chest utilizing the most natural-looking method possible.

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