Breast Liposuction



Many women with large breasts experience a range of side effects that have a negative impact on their lives every day. These psychological and physiological effects create frustrating experiences. Women with large breasts typically experience physical constraints such as chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain that can reduce their everyday physical activity. Large breasts can also make it more difficult for some types of exercise and can lead to an unhealthy posture. Other side effects include psychological effects such as negative self-image, lower confidence, and limiting clothing options and the daily frustration of finding something to wear that will properly fit their body or even having to buy clothes don’t fit properly to accommodate a larger chest. Luckily, breast reduction procedures such as breast liposuction are available if you find yourself troubled by or inconvenienced from any of these problems due to large breasts.

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How the Procedure Works

Breast tissue holds a greater percentage of fat than other areas of the body, and it only increases as a woman ages. Once a woman is in her 40’s, she may be carrying around an even higher amount of fat tissue that can lead to the problems described above. State-of-the-art technology is used to remove this excess fat through a breast reduction surgery known as tumescent liposuction.

This liposuction procedure entails the use of a solution that is able to greatly shrink the capillaries found in the breasts and reduce possible pain and bleeding that can occur during the treatment, as well as lower the chance of future scarring.

After the capillaries in the breasts have been reduced, a cannula—a type of instrument used in most liposuction procedures—removes excess fat tissue through a small incision. This procedure avoids the glandular tissue found in the breast (it is important this tissue not be removed).

This procedure is less invasive than other breast reduction procedures that involve excising part of the breast tissue and suturing the nipple higher up the breast. These older techniques have a greater chance to leave bigger scar tissue; recovery also takes significantly longer.

With breast liposuction, there are no large incisions or scars. Removing the excess weight from the breasts gives them a natural lift, although the lift that occurs is generally less than the lift that can be achieved with open surgical breast lifts, which requires large incisions and leave large scars.


Benefits of Breast Liposuction

This state-of-the-art procedure leaves you with less bulky, average sized breasts and is best for females who are in their 40s. This technique also raises the breast naturally, as the reduction in weight prevents the breast from being pulled down further. It can be combined with a minimally invasive lifting treatment like BodyTite or BreastTite, which can give additional lift and tightening. However, breast liposuction procedures cannot produce as much lift as an open surgical breast lift, so if you have pendulous breasts or smaller breasts that sag significantly, this treatment may not be for you.

Benefits of Traditional Procedures

Traditional procedures for breast reduction surgery requires cutting skin and breast tissue and suturing back together which is more beneficial for those with more severe sagging in the breasts. The traditional surgical breast lift can cause injury to the nipple and loss of sensation. However, an open surgical breast lift can give the biggest lift and is the best option for severely sagging or ptotic breasts. If breast liposuction is not available for your body shape, take a look at how an open surgical breast lift can show you the results you want.

How to Choose?

Deciding which procedure is best for your body type can be difficult. Let the professionals at St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center give you a consultation and help you make the decision on how to achieve the breasts you have always dreamed of.

Breast Liposuction FAQs

Question: Does insurance typically cover breast reduction surgery, or is the cost on the patient?


Most of the time medical insurance companies do not cover breast reduction as they consider it a cosmetic procedure. However, some medical insurers will cover breast reduction or mammaplasty surgery if the breasts are so large that they are causing neck pain or shoulder pain, nerve pain down the arms or neck or similar symptoms, and the symptoms are severe enough to be interfering with the quality of life of the woman. The procedure takes a couple of hours from start to finish. There is no hospitalization required it can be done safely in an outpatient setting. There are two types of breast reduction procedures. Open surgical breast reduction and lift and liposuction breast reduction. Open surgical breast reduction makes an incision around the nipple and down the front of the breast. A wedge or skin and breast tissue is removed and sewn back together around the nipple. There is a small chance or nipple loss and or loss of nipple sensation. The open surgical breast reduction cost between $6000 and 9,500. On RealSelf they report the average cost of $7,275 for breast reduction surgery. Open surgical breast reduction can make breastfeeding more difficult.

 Another newer option is liposuction, breast reduction this involves small punctures in the skin that usually heal without a scar to remove the fat from the breast.  The liposuction, breast reduction does not give as much lift to the breast so it is not a great option if the breasts are very droopy breasts or they hang far down on the belly. However, liposuction, breast reduction can be combined with skin tightening with RF technologies like Revuvion or Bodytight to give almost as much lift as an open breast reduction surgery. The combined liposuction, breast reduction and has a faster recovery, no scarring and no chance of nipple loss, but it still can not give as much lift to the breast as the open surgical breast reduction. The liposuction, breast reduction procedure costs around $3000-$4000 but adding the skin tightening to the procedure can add  $2-3000 to the cost. The recovery is quicker and easier with the lipo breast reduction.