Proper Treatment of Obesity

Lipo Treatment of Obesity

A patient can be medically labeled as obese for several reasons. For example, unhealthy diets, stress, a lack of physical activity and genetic predisposition can all be influential factors. All of these reasons can impact why a person is gaining and retaining an unhealthy amount of overall body fat. Obesity has become a significant problem in the United States and is a condition that both men and women face. Obesity causes various physical limitations in a person’s lifestyle. However, the more serious risks lie with the associated medical concerns. It increases the chances that an individual will develop other ailments including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis. Which is why the treatment of obesity is so critical.

The first step in a journey towards change is usually a medical diagnosis of obesity. It is possible to reduce the overall body fat in order to regain a healthy body and lifestyle. However, the solution is hardly ever quick and easy. Patients dealing with obesity should be ready to face physical challenges. Once you diligently put in the work, it will ultimately lead to greater overall health.

Fat Liposuction for Obesity

It is a common misconception among patients working to reverse a diagnosis of obesity that liposuction is an effective and efficient treatment of obesity. In fact, liposuction is a very particular type of procedure that removes only a small amount of body fat. This is done in order to contour and shape the body into the desired look. Once we removed the fat deposit by liposuction, it will tighten and smooth skin. However, even with the amount of tissue that we removed, it would not be significant enough to contribute to weight loss. In many cases, before and after photos of patients who undergo fat liposuction can be deceptive. Especially, patients who want to lose a significant amount of body fat can be deceived. Contoured bodies are not equivalent to a person who has lost weight and should not be confused in this manner.

Ideal candidates for liposuction treatments are those individuals who are already within 30 percent of their ideal body weight in comparison to their height. In many of these cases, patients underwent a strict routine of diet and exercise without seeing any significant results. The development of stubborn fat deposits in certain areas of the body can be more closely linked to genetics than lifestyle. In this scenario, fat liposuction can be a solution to removing those minimal, yet stubborn deposits. As a result, they would help patients achieve a more contoured look.

First Steps to Health

Liposuction may be a viable solution for patients who are dealing with obesity at a certain point in their goal timeline. However, it is never the first step in achieving a healthier lifestyle. The most important part of any treatment of obesity is to have an initial diet and exercise regimen put into place. The best routine is replacing high-calorie foods with nutritious ones. Furthermore, incorporating daily exercise into a daily routine is a highly-effective route to shedding those first pounds. This is the best way to attain a more free and healthier lifestyle.

Medical doctors are capable of helping patients personalize this plan. Although, there are clinics dedicated to helping obese patients stick to their weight loss goals. In many cases, the combination of a nutritionist and personal trainer is a wonderful way for patients to get obesity help. As a result, they would remain accountable to their diet and exercise goals.

Bariatric Surgery

Sometimes, the obese patient and the medical team might realize that diet and exercise won’t be enough. In short, they should take other measures in order to remove enough fat deposits and achieve optimum health. In this case, a doctor may recommend bariatric surgery. However, this is an invasive surgery and doctors consider it only in the most extreme cases. You shouldn’t take the decision to undergo invasive surgery lightly. Bariatric surgery requires a physician to reduce the size and function of the stomach or intestines. This physically reduces the patient’s ability to consume excessive calories on a daily basis. This type of surgery is a big step for many obese patients. However, it was also proven to create long-term and highly successful results.

Get Treatment of Obesity Help at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

Some patients tried dieting, exercise, and bariatric surgery and still struggle with problematic areas that hold onto stubborn fat cells. They could be excellent candidates for fat liposuction treatments. Dr. Wright and the team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center are highly-experienced professionals in the cosmetic field. They believe in a comprehensive approach to patient care. Schedule an initial consultation to speak with Dr. Wright about your aesthetic goals. Moreover, learn more about what our clinic can offer when it comes to liposuction options. We will use an initial consultation to evaluate your medical history. After that, we will discuss the many routes to change. Every cosmetic procedure comes with an emotional impact. Dr. Wright ensures that every personalized treatment plan is comfortable, safe and highly effective. Seek out obesity help from our experts and feel great in your skin again!