Liposuction Weight Loss

Liposuction and Weight Loss: What’s the Skinny on Liposuction?

One of the most frequent questions about liposuction is “how much weight will I lose?” The key benefit of laser lipo is the ability to finely sculpt areas but not specifically result in weight loss. The amount of fat removed does not impact weight significantly. But since the fat loss is confined to areas treated, these areas are slimmed reduced so much that it is as if you had a significant weight loss all over the body. It would take a significant weight loss to bring about the results we can get in one liposuction procedure.
The results of liposuction for weight loss, as portrayed by one of our female patients.

Actual patient – Individual results may vary

In this before-and-after, the weight of the fat removed was a few pounds, yet it would take a about a 20-40 weight loss all over the body to achieve a similar sculpting in the area such as this abdomen.

We contour the body and produce excellent results for a new shape that appears to be liposuction weight loss.

Before and after this particular patient underwent one of our liposuction procedures for weight loss. Some of the most visible results from liposuction for weight loss we've seen on a male patient.

Actual patients – Individual results may vary

Q: What can you tell me about the claims by some laser practioners/providers such as the lipo laser that their lasers result in weight loss?

A: There is no evidence that there is any laser that can change your overall body weight. Obviously it would be a great achievement if there were some laser that could be placed or illuminated over an overweight person and make them thin. Obesity is a significant health problem affecting our population. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that there is any laser that can achieve this. Often such procedures are accompanied by a very restrictive diet.

Q: Does liposuction or laser assisted liposuction cause weight loss?


Again, the simple answer is not much.

While it is true that liposuction and laser assisted liposuction effectively and permanently remove fat, creating a more sculpted body, the fat is removed is from a relatively small area, so that the amount of fat that is removed does not have a significant effect on body weight.

That said, many patients are inspired to create an even better new shape and work out more after losing their ‘problem’ areas through liposuction. Call us today for your free consultation and discover how liposuction¬†and medical weight loss in St Louis may help you with your self-image. Just remember; weight loss surgery in St. Louis and liposuction are different! For healthy weight loss, let Dr. Wright help!